Monday, June 1, 2015

Rob Mullane: Lessons on Irish Whiskey

Some background: Rob Mullane is a brand ambassador for Jim Beam and spent a few hours at Aqua Vitae Institute giving the public a lecture on Irish Whiskey.

Unfortunately a lot of the whiskey lecture with Rob Mullane had audio issues while recording. This is what remains of the lecture. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1)

What Is Irish Whiskey with Rob Mullane:

Background information about Kilbeggan
Rob Mullane’s Background
Information about Grenoire Single Grain Irish
What makes Irish Whiskey different than bourbon?
What is White Dog?
What is the Red Line?
How to understand whiskey taste

Part 2) Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

How Kilbeggan got bought
History of Kilbeggan
General Characteristics of Irish Whiskey
Characteristics of Kilbeggan

Part 3) Tyrconnell and the Downfall of Irish Whiskey

SOL and PA Liquor Laws
Single Malt
History of Irish Whiskey — How Irish Whiskey became the most popular whiskey too almost being eradicated.
How Tyrconnell got its name.
What Age means on Irish Whiskey

Part 4) What Is Peat, How To Taste Whiskey

How Irish Whiskey is made.
Differences between Scottish Peat and Irish Peat
How to smell peat in Irish Whiskey

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