Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Interview with Diana Jimeñez US Brand Ambassador for Cabrito and Centinela

1) You are a former Miss Mexico, and now you represent Tequila. How did you get involved with the industry, what inspired you to represent Tequila?

Diana: When you are a Miss Mexico, you represent your country, you are an ambassador of all the Culture, tradition, history even politics. I really enjoyed my time as Miss Mexico because I am proud of my country and I like to transmit all the pride to the people, so they see all the faces that Mexico has, sometimes all you hear is bad press, but when you touch someone and show the other side, as a representative, you can make a difference. Since I took so much joy in talking and sharing all the greatest things about my country it made sense for me to now represent the gift from Mexico to the world: Tequila.

2) For many in the USA their first experience with Tequila is with a Mixto like Cuervo Gold. Do you think this is a good or bad Tequila for a first experience? Where should someone start if they are getting into Tequila for the first time and are worried about what it will taste like and where to start?

Diana: I don´t like to think there is good or bad Tequila, it all depends on your likes or dislikes. One thing that happens with Tequila is that is not as easy to overcome after a hangover in spring break or wild nights in college. All Tequilas are at least made with 51% of sugars of the agave, the agave scent is very exotic to Americans, and Tequila is one of the most aromatic spirits in the world, so your nose acts like a mechanism of defense. When you smell the Tequila if you had a bad experience, it´s almost like smelling your exes perfume haha, you will feel the need to reject it. You have to be patient and educate your palate to really enjoy it. Tequila is one of the most amazing spirits, it takes too much craft, art and time to create, that you can give it a second chance, but this second chance make it with a 100% blue agave Tequila, sip it, don´t slam it, enjoy the flavors, and most important drink it in moderation.

3) You live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, what is it like to live in the heart of Mexico where Tequila is made? What makes it special, and what do they drink there?

Diana: I am from the highlands of Jalisco, born and raised. I had been in all the distilleries in the 22 towns that are part of the region, long before I started working in the industry. Tequila has always been part of me. I remember that I will enjoyed it with my friends and family, Agave distilled spirits are the most consumed in Mexico, Tequila falls into that category. It´s so beautiful to drive along the agave fields, to see the hard work from the jimadores, to taste the cooked agaves right out of the ovens, to feel the bonding when you share a Tequila with a friend, that makes it a magical experience overall.

4) You've compared a good Reposado Tequila to a long slow kiss, and I thought that was great!  What Tequilas do you recommend for the holidays, friends etc.?

Diana: I will recommend my brands Cabrito and Centinela because I respect the family that produces them, is a company with 100 years of tradition, they are not celebrities or rock stars, they are Tequila producers, Mexican, that care about the Tequila and they do it the old fashion way, using crafted methods. In Mexico we drink the Reposado in the holidays because it heats you up, and I compare it with a long kiss because when you drink a good Reposado is exactly what you feel, the heat, the blush and the smile, all of the sudden you want to start singing with the Mariachi, there is so much romance in Tequila! The Blanco I recommend it for the amigos, the wild notes of it, the fresh, crisp tones make it unique to have fun and enjoy a good night out. The Añejo I recommend it to make a statement. If you want to impress the boss or the in laws, that is the one with strong personality and character.

Interview by Ori Geshury
Interviewee Diana Jimeñez
for Aqua Vitae Institute 

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